Any of you who have been following news related to E3 and so on will have heard about Nintendo’s new offering, as well as rumours about microsoft, on top of their ‘Surface’ device, which I won’t discuss here. General agenda for discussion is then, the Wii U, the Xbox rumours and sony’s stance on the ps4.

The Wii U, Nintendo’s next-gen console, comes at a stage when neither of the other big console players are looking to release – not yet anyway. With hardware and graphics capabilities described as a souped-up Xbox 360, somehow to me this feels like hardware catch up, but maybe that’s just me. The controller is rather large, with a touch screen in the center of it. How this will be linked to the motion sensing technology of the Wii is unclear; indeed many people are confused about the message.

Recently, rumours about the so-called Xbox 720 have been surfacing, but I won’t go into this as none of it has been confirmed, and anything that has, has been lost in the wash with the release of the Surface. There’s plenty of speculation, but any release will certainly be long after Nintendo. Sony on the PS4 have remained schtum, basically saying there’s no need. I quite agree, the current consoles are still in their prime and still have life in them. What do you make of all this?


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