Presently, I’m turning my attention to how a game could or should look, while I wait for my coding skills to catch up; then I can implement those ideas. After coming across a good resource for game design, art and so forth, I’m focusing my attentions on this, specifically 2D sprite art and so on (a review of this text to follow, again once I have something to say on it). As already evident from a previous post, I am no artist, but I am taking steps to bridge this gap; although some have a gift, for most, it is purely a question of study and practice, along with the willingness to actually improve.

One thing I must be sure of, is to continually remember I want to be in the business of game making, not art itself. If I take steps to improve my sketches, paintings, and general visual intelligence, it must be towards the ultimate goal of realising a game and having at least some sprites to show for it. Not only will this open up oppurtunites for future tutorials (something I want to gradually introduce on this site), but also keep the main feed fresh with relevant content and give me something to work with once I can code.

On a related note, recently I finished reading Richard Bransons book ‘Business stripped bare’ which very much was an influence, in making me feel like a business pursuit could be fun and worthwhile. One lesson I really took from it can be paraphrased as this: If you expect to start a company in industry X, you had better know that industry inside out and in the beginning, do all the work yourself. Not only does this increase your understanding of said industry, but you’ll be able to help and communicate with the people you eventually hire, for tasks perhaps you’re not so good at (read: me hiring artists).

Like I said in the early posts, it’s going to be a while before you’ll see any actual games here, but hopefully some of the above will keep you interested, and in the future, show others with limited skills how far you can come, when you put your mind to it.


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