As a preface to this post which I’d already planned on publishing, I’ve noticed by staying up late to finish it, I technically didn’t post yesterday. I planned to post at least once a day and for anyone following properly, I’m sorry. Hopefully this, along with another post tomorrow (or later today!?) will smooth things over!


One topic not touched on yet is music. For once, this puts me in a favourable position, me being a fairly accomplished musician of many years. Starting with the guitar at the age of 8 and playing some lives recently as a young man, I’m certainly not afraid of writing an original piece or using a variety of instruments. My agenda so far has been thus:

  • Learn to play the keyboard, one instrument which has evaded me over the years, and in doing so, give myself a refresher in the necessary theory. Besides anything, I’ve wanted to learn for a long time!
  • This leads naturally onto using the various effects an electronic keyboard comes with; even with a mid-range one (such as I own), different effects and voices can be quite convincing.
  • At some point I’ll enter into a stage of research; commonly used equipment, sounds and styles in the gaming world. Of course, we all have our favourite game tunes, but a broader study will be needed to create convincingly within the field.
  • Once the ground work is done, I’ll have to invest in some professional software (i.e. Ableton etc) and learn the package to at least a semi-professional level. This will assure professional sounding stuff, and a very high level of creativity.

So just how far do I want to take this? As an almost-daily guitar player, it will be vital that I keep with the bigger picture; remembering that I’m not a game musician! Very critical of my own work, I can imagine wasting a lot of time on this, relative to more important ‘meat and potatoes tasks’ that are called for at this stage of my education. Worse still, It’ll be tough for me to eventually hand over this role as I’ll be much more specialised to it, and a whole lot more critical. However, this is a bridge I will surely cross years from now.

A quick word on sound effects. Although I am currently researching into these areas, and I do have a feeble grasp of synthesising systems and (as a physics student) a reasonable grasp of waves and vibrations and so on; this is still something I have virtually no real experience with. Fortunately, I believe there is a fair bit of open source stuff out there, especially for the 2D scene, and I imagine the work would be pretty fun for someone like me, audibly inclined the way I am. As a continuing trend with my promises for the future of this site, I’d love to have tutorials for sound effects and even music in general up on here, but that may take some time! I think it would be great as well if I could eventually upload some cool tracks and example sounds that I will be working on. If I can find a way to pull that off properly it would be amazing, so look forward to that in the future!


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  1. dugular says:

    There are really good resources out there if you don’t have the time or composition skills to make your own original music.

    Tons of sites let you buy original music that people have created. Some even allow you to buy exclusive rights to the songs.

    The sites vary between quality and price range. With normally the sites with higher average prices attracting more talented artists. And trust me, the cheaper sites attract some horrendous talent.

    A good middle-ground I have found is AudioJungle.

    You can search by tags, which makes it really easy to find songs based on style and emotion for whatever you need. And there are some seriously good tunes amongst the stuff in there. I have my eyes on a few which are outstanding which I will be purchasing for my project.

    • Thanks for the resource, will definitely check out! The only problem for me is I want to experience all levels of development for the early stages; and also as a musician who has produced things electronically before, it doesn’t make much sense to spend my hard earned pennies, at this stage anyway. What budget are you giving yourself for external resources in general?

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