Sorry for the massive gap but I’ve had a lot to do over the last week, moving in and so on. I did find the time to do some art work, which is basically some research towards the game I’ve been designing. As it was based on a ‘modernised space invaders’ idea, I drew some pictures out of a space encyclopedia I found, to give myself ideas and learn the style. Well, here I’ve uploaded some of the work, to show how my art is improving. Later, I’ll upload some research on science fiction as opposed to real space, and then some of my real designs for the actual game when I get round to them. Also worth noting, I’ve been working on the look, feel, and mechanics of the actual game, and almost have enough to make a proper design document, although I’ll probably just describe the game to you in detail, so look out for that post. As for now, I need to learn to program at a faster rate than I am, so that I can actually make the game! Look forward to it!


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